If you’re interested in installing a mini-split air conditioner in your home or office, you’re likely to have questions about performance and reliability.

For example, if you live in the Boston area, you may rely on a generator to provide backup electricity, such as in the event of a thunderstorm, high winds, or a snowstorm that knocks down power lines.

There’s no simple answer to the question of whether a generator can run a mini-split air conditioner. Here’s why: no two systems and no two generators are the same.

Maybe your current generator can handle your current mini-split air conditioner. However, should you change one or the other, you may find that it no longer works.

Points of Consideration

To accurately answer this question, you must focus on the following points:

As a general rule of thumb, a 10,000-watt generator is a good starting point if you want it to run your mini-split air conditioner.

Tip: Don’t forget about fuel consumption, as your mini-split air conditioner will suck up gasoline at a high rate. Be sure to safely store enough gas for extended use.

Can I Run My Heat Pump With a Generator?

During those cold Boston winters, it’s imperative that you have a means of warming your home. And for many people in the area, a ductless heat pump is their primary source of heat.

If you have concerns about power outages during the winter months, which seem to be more common in the Boston area than they should be, a backup source of electricity is important.

Just the same as a mini-split air conditioner, it’ll take a powerful generator to get a heat pump started and to maintain its performance.

If you’re installing a mini-split air conditioner with the idea that you may one day need to run it with a generator, take this into consideration when comparing systems.

At New England Ductless, we can answer all your questions related to mini-splits, heat pumps, and whether you can run them with a generator.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance and advice, as we’ve installed thousands of systems throughout the Boston area.

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