Instant Mass Save® Rebates

By partnering with New England Ductless, we do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to!

Mass Save Partner

Air Source Heat Pumps: Up to $16,000 per home

Heat Pump Water Heaters: $750 instant discount

Integrated Controls: Up to $1,500 rebate

Gas Heating  & Water Heaters: Up to $7,300 for heating equipment. Up to $55o for water haters

Smart & Programable Thermostats: Up to $100 rebate or instant discount

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When you work with New England Ductless you are guaranteed to receive your Mass Save rebates instantly. Our team streamlines the entire process eliminating the hassle of paperwork and wait times of up to 6-8 weeks. We possess in-depth knowledge of the Mass Save program, enabling you to navigate the complex application process seamlessly. Our expertise ensures that you receive maximum rebates for your energy-saving upgrades, ultimately reducing your upfront costs.

Experience the ease of energy savings with the New England Ductless expedited Mass Save Rebate process. Our four-step journey empowers Massachusetts residents to make their homes more energy-efficient and pocket substantial savings. From the initial assessment to receiving your rebate, our simple process is a breeze. Dive into the accompanying timeline graphic to visualize your progress and track your path to a greener, more efficient home.

Mass Save Rebates | New England Ductless

When you enhance the energy efficiency of your entire home, you become eligible for rebates of up to $10,000. To qualify for the whole home $10,000 rebate you must complete 2 additional steps that are listed on the timeline below: Mass Save Energy Audit and Weatherization. During your free assessment, Mass Save’s Energy Specialists will identify energy-saving opportunities, recommend whole home energy efficiency solutions, and discuss if weatherization is needed.

See how you can save with Mass Save today!

Do You Live in a Municipal? You may still qualify for rebates!

Hingham Residents

Braintree Residents can qualify for rebates

Belmont Residents

Belmont Residents can qualify for rebates

You may also qualify for a Mass Save rebate if you have National Grid or Eversource

*You may also qualify for a Mass Save rebate if you have National Grid or Eversource
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