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There’s a lot to like about ductless heat pumps, including the fact that these systems can heat and cool your home in an effective and efficient manner.

Adding to this, ductless heat pumps are known for being easy to install and durable. However, that doesn’t mean your system will never require attention. There will be times when you need to service your ductless heat pump to keep it running at peak performance.

Maintenance and Repairs: What Should You Do?

Depending on how long you’ve had your ductless heat pump and your level of comfort with maintenance, you may be able to perform some tasks on your own. For example:

Once you do these things a few times, they’ll become second nature.

When it comes to diagnosing issues and making repairs, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself lost and looking for answers. And that’s particularly true if you’ve never done ductless maintenance in the past.

Here’s what you can expect when you call a ductless HVAC service professional to your home:

1. Inspection and Diagnostic Tests

Maybe you have an idea of what went wrong with your ductless heat pump. Or maybe it stopped working without notice, leaving you lost and looking for answers.

A qualified service technician will inspect your entire system, making note of anything that looks out of place. Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint the problem. Other times, it takes more work to diagnose the issue.

For example, your technician may need to test multiple parts of your system, such as the electrical and pipes, to determine what’s happening.

2. Repair Options

This is when the technician provides you with an overview of their findings, as well as repair options.

If you’re lucky, it’ll be a quick fix, such as sealing a leaky pipe or replacing an air filter.

In some cases, there may be more than one remedy to the problem. For instance, you may be able to repair the system, but the tech doesn’t know how long it’ll last. This leads them to share information on the pros and cons of installing a new ductless heat pump.

As long as you understand your options upfront, you can decide which one is best for you, your home, and your budget.

3. Completion of the Job

At this point, you can step back and let the tech get to work. Experienced repair professionals have come across every system and every type of problem, so they know what type of equipment and parts they need, as well as the steps to take.

Tip: don’t be shy about asking questions upon completion of the job, as this will help you better understand your system. You never know when you’ll pick up a nugget of information you can use in the future.

While ductless heat pump maintenance may be standard across the board (for the most part), this doesn’t hold true with repairs. There’s a lot that can go wrong, so an experienced service tech is what you need.

Should you require any type of assistance, contact the professionals at New England Ductless. We’re available to assist you with maintenance, repairs, installation, and more.

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