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Both window ACs and wall-mounted ductless units are in roughly similar places on the wall, but which takes better advantage of the placement? Here’s what you should know when comparing window ACs to a ductless HVAC unit on your wall in terms of cooling capacity, energy consumption, air quality, and more.

Window ACs vs. Ductless: Cooling Capacity

Window air conditioners are small and compact, offering the least cooling capacity between central HVAC, ductless, and window units. While some units do have digital thermostats, they don’t offer the precise temperature control that a wall-mounted ductless AC does. As they use up refrigerant, their cooling power becomes even weaker until the unit is only blowing hot or room-temperature air.

Ductless HVAC uses variable fan technology to automatically increase or decrease the fan speed in minute increments between 30 to 100%, allowing the system to maintain consistently cool temperatures throughout the day and night. Alternatively, window ACs typically only have a few fan speeds, and many of them only offer high and low settings. The fan in a window unit will turn off and on as needed to reach the desired temperature, which allows temperatures to rise in between cycles.

Wall-mounted ductless units also have excellent airflow with their positioning at just under the ceiling affording plenty of room for the system to circulate air throughout the room. Ductless HVAC is so powerful that one strategically placed indoor cassette can cool two or even three rooms depending on the layout of your home. Window ACs often struggle to completely cool even one room and essentially need to be run 24/7 to keep up with temperature demands.

Window ACs vs. Ductless: Air Quality

Ductless HVAC is considered the cleanest form of heating and cooling currently available on the market. Because a wall-mounted ductless AC removes heat from inside your home, it also helps to control humidity. And because there are no ducts to push dirty air around or wet filters to grow mold, ductless offers better air quality overall.

Window ACs unfortunately contribute to poor air quality just as much as pet dander, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), off-gassing, dust, and candle soot or ash from a fireplace. When you spend a lot of time in your home during New England’s increasingly hotter summers, you expose yourself to higher amounts of indoor pollution.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor pollution can cause allergy symptoms, asthma attacks, dizziness, fatigue, and headaches. In severe cases, poor indoor air quality can cause upper respiratory illnesses and when asbestos or smoke are present, cancer.

Window ACs vs. Ductless: Energy Use

Not only does wall-mounted ductless offer excellent air quality and comfort, it also uses the least amount of energy. Window ACs are inexpensive to purchase but tend to cost a lot over the long term as they run up your electricity bill.

Central HVAC also uses a lot of energy since like window ACs, the entire system has to start up and shut down each time it needs to cycle. Comparatively, ductless can run at a consistent pace, only adjusting the fan speed as needed to increase or decrease cooling power.

Window ACs vs. Ductless: Home Value

Unfortunately, the presence of even high-quality window AC units can lower your home’s value. Most people prefer the aesthetics of a ductless or central HVAC system to window AC units, and if window ACs can be seen in your home from the road, chances are it will be much more difficult to sell the house. It won’t matter if the units are technologically advanced or offer a number of features or benefits, since prospective buyers won’t be able to tell what kind of units they are from far away.

Window ACs are also extremely noisy and can lower the overall property value in your neighborhood, especially if your home uses one for every room. Your neighbors likely won’t appreciate the sound of wet, rattling metal at all hours of the day and night. Not only can ductless raise your property value, it can also raise the average value of homes in your area.

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