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Whether you’re planning to build a new addition to your home or upgrade an outdated cooling system, knowing the pros and cons of wall-mounted air conditioners can help you make the right decision for your space. Wall-mounted ACs are excellent options for homes without existing ductwork, quick cooling relief, and more.

Below, we’ll go over why more people are choosing wall-mounted air conditioning units to keep their homes cooler in the summer.

What is a Wall Mount Air Conditioner?

Wall-mounted air conditioners are a great way to add cooling relief to a home when you don’t have the option to install ductwork. The wall-mounted systems consist of two units: an indoor  unit and an outdoor condenser unit.

The indoor unit is mounted on the wall of the room that it is going to cool. It’s then connected to a condenser unit, which is installed outside the home. The two units cool the air and pass it through thin piping to the  indoor unit to keep the temperature in the room exactly where you want it, no matter the temperature outside.

Pros of Wall-Mounted ACs

Wall-mounted air conditioning units are an excellent option for many homes because they are versatile and easy to install. We have installed hundreds of these units in older homes where the owners wanted to preserve the aesthetic of their historic home but needed some relief in the summer to make the space more comfortable. Wall-mounted air conditioners allowed these homeowners to get the cooling power they needed without a massive construction process to install ductwork for a standard system.

Wall ACs are easy to install, and the project can be completed in just a couple of days from start to finish. Additionally, they’re inexpensive to have installed and to replace when it comes time to switch them out.

Additionally, ductless ACs offer high-efficiency cooling capacity. Each unit is easily able to keep a room comfortable without the need to block up a window or other space.

Ductless wall-mounted ACs are the perfect option for new additions because you don’t have to purchase an entire HVAC system to get a single room set up with cooling relief. Plus, some ductless air conditioning systems can easily be upgraded to provide heating, as well. Ask your comfort specialist about heating and cooling wall-mounted heat pumps for your home.

Another reason that wall-mounted ductless ACs are the perfect option for cooling your home is that they are whisper-quiet. You won’t even hear the system running while it provides you with the precise cooling relief you need in your space. In fact, some of the ductless air conditioners are so quiet they’re used in recording studios!

Cons of Wall-Mounted ACs

One of the downsides to choosing ductless wall-mounted ACs is that they do require a fair amount of maintenance. You’ll need to keep up with cleaning the filters and cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils to keep them running efficiently.

Another reason that ductless might not be the best option for your space is that they can only cool a certain amount of space. Although each wall-mounted unit is relatively inexpensive when compared to a full HVAC system, you’ll likely have to have multiple units installed if you want to cool your entire home. This can make the project more expensive than a central air system, depending on the size of the home and the number of units installed.

Wall-mounted ACs can be bulky and require a clear, level wall to be mounted on. Unlike a ducted system, the wall-mounted AC does not use vents to pump the air into the space; it sticks out from the wall. This design limits the amount of work that needs to be done to the wall of the home by making the entire unit able to hang on the wall.

Is a Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning System Right for You?

Depending on what kind of air conditioning you need, the scope of the project, and your home’s existing heating and cooling system, a ductless system might be the right option for you. Wall-mounted air conditioners are a great way to give your home the relief you crave without investing in a complete overhaul of an existing air conditioning system.

These energy-efficient air conditioners are perfect for older homes and new additions. If you think your space could benefit from a ductless wall-mounted AC system, contact us today. Our comfort specialists will work with you to design the perfect air conditioning system for your home.

Start loving your home again by getting the heating and cooling you need to stay comfortable! Call today for a quote.

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