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Even though ductless AC systems are designed to provide efficient service for many years, there could come a point when something goes wrong. If your system isn’t worked as intended – maybe because you’re not getting enough cool air – it’s time to pinpoint the problem and find a solution.

Some issues are easy to solve on your own, while others require the assistance of a professional. Either way, your goal is the same: to ensure that your system is once again providing peak performance.

Here are some steps to take if your ductless AC stops working:

1. Check for Power

If you’re lucky, the reason for your problem will be something simple, such as a power outage or a tripped circuit breaker.

Start by ensuring that the system itself is getting power. If it’s not, head for your electrical panel to check the circuits in your home. Should you find that the one for your ductless AC system has tripped, reset it and see if that does the trick.

Without power, your system won’t work. So, it only makes sense to start here.

2. Look for Leaks

A leak in the refrigerant tubing between your outdoor unit and indoor air handlers can cause trouble. Not only does it affect the system’s ability to cool your home, but it can also result in structural damage.[i]

Depending on how and where the refrigerant tubing is installed and located, you may not have a clear view of the entire run. However, with close inspection, you may be able to spot signs of leaking water. Then, all you have to do is follow the water back to the source.

3. Contact a Professional

You’ve checked all the basics, but still have no clue as to why your system isn’t working. Rather than beating your head against the wall, while also taking a risk with your safety, it’s best to contact a professional.

Judging by your system’s performance or lack thereof, they’ll know where to begin. Typically, it doesn’t take long for an experienced ductless AC service technician to diagnose the problem and provide options for fixing it.

You could run into a variety of issues with your ductless AC system, ranging from a condensate leak or clog to a malfunctioning blower fan (and that’s just the start).

Fortunately, these systems are designed to work, day in and day out, without incident. There’s a better chance than not that it’ll provide years of worry-free performance.

If you suspect a problem and there’s no easy fix in sight, contact us to schedule an appointment. One of our experienced technicians can inspect your system and fix your problem once and for all.

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