If you live in Somerville, you can take advantage of an excellent program designed just for homeowners. The HeatSmart/CoolSmart program lets you purchase efficient air source heat pumps at a discount from New England Ductless.

Participation is easy. Just sign up for the Somerville HeatSmart/CoolSmart program by December 15, 2017. Fill out the simple form. We’ll contact you within one business day to get some information from you. We’ll also schedule a no-cost, no-obligation home visit.

When we visit, we can tell you whether an air source heat pump is a good option for you. If so, we’ll provide a quote with a special discount just for Somerville homeowners. You can decide whether to proceed with the installation. We provide professional, complete and factory-authorized installation services for your heat pump.

What will the Somerville HeatSmart/CoolSmart program do for you?

An air source heat pump will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They’re the ideal replacement systems for boilers, oil heaters and room air conditioners. They can also work as supplemental systems. The all-electric systems are highly efficient, and can significantly reduce your annual heating and cooling expenditures.

Air source heat pumps provide you with the ultimate comfort control at the source. You can individually heat or cool rooms throughout your house, selecting the perfect comfort level for each space.

There’s no need to spend extra money heating and cooling spaces you’re not using, or trying to find an acceptable temperature range via your central heating or cooling system. Tired of having to open the windows in your home in winter to let out excess heat from your boiler?

Each unit is literally whisper-quiet. That means you can send your noisy old window air conditioner or clanky radiators on a well-deserved vacation, and still enjoy complete comfort.

Air source heat pumps are a great option for people who suffer from allergies and other indoor air-quality problems. Because air source heat pumps don’t use ductwork, your system doesn’t accumulate the dust, mold, pollen and other irritants you’ll find in forced air heating and cooling systems.

With Somerville’s HeatSmart/Cool Smart program, you can enjoy cool savings now when you make a purchase and each month when you pay your heating and cooling bills. You may be surprised how easy it is to switch to the perfect comfort that an air source heat pump offers.

For more information about air source heat pumps, or the Somerville HeatSmart/CoolSmart program, please give us a call at New England Ductless at (617) 915-2803.

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