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So, you’ve made the decision to investigate a new HVAC system for your home, but how can you find a qualified ductless heating and cooling installer to help you through the purchase and installation process? Here are a few tips to help you get started!

Finding a ductless heating and cooling installer in MA

Check for credentials! The State of Massachusetts has no state-level licensing for HVAC contractors, so it’s especially important to check the credentials of a ductless heating and cooling installer before you agree to let them work in your home. HVAC manufacturers often have certification programs to identify a trained and qualified ductless heating and cooling installer. In addition, MassSave has a list of QIV-certified installers. Working with a manufacturer-certified ductless heating and cooling installer may get you better warranty benefits and can help ensure that systems are properly sized for and installed in your home.

Check references! Before you sign a purchase or installation agreement, check the references of your ductless heating and cooling installer. Make sure the work performed for the reference is recently completed, and is similar in size and scope to the work you’re having done. Ask whether the contractor performed the work on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of the reference. Check local resources like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List to see what other consumers have to say about the ductless heating and cooling contractor.

Do your own homework. Don’t wait for the installer to tell you about product rebates, special offers and tax incentives that your ductless heating and cooling project may qualify for. Do a little research, starting with your utility company, and local, state and federal governments. Rebates, incentives, zero-interest financing and tax deductions can reduce the overall cost of your ductless heating and cooling system and help you save money up front.

Research your product options. Generally, the higher the efficiency rating of a ductless heating and cooling system, the more expensive the system will be, but certain highly efficient systems may qualify for extra incentives or higher tax deductions. These extra incentives may reduce your overall outlay enough to make them worth investigating. Don’t forget to include the system’s lower operating costs into your calculations. Spending more up front on a highly efficient ductless heating and cooling system may actually cost you less over the system’s life. To find the highest efficiency systems, look for high SEER ratings and ENERGY STAR labels.

Good things take time. A ductless heating and cooling installer will want to spend some time at your home. Expect the contractor to check out your current system, make measurements of your space, look at the exterior of your home, and evaluate your home’s electrical service, insulation, windows and doors. These all factor into how well a new system will perform in your space.

Don’t fall for high pressure tactics. Every salesperson wants to close the deal, but some contractors put a lot of pressure on people to make an instant decision. A major purchase for your home such as a ductless heating and cooling system, deserves a lot of consideration. Take the time you need to make the best decision for your home.

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