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You’ve already decided to switch to ductless air conditioning, but you may be having trouble deciding where in your house to put the different air handlers. Each air handler or cassette creates a temperature “zone,” which can be controlled independently from other zones in the same area.

The most popular way to mount a ductless air handler is on the wall. This is the type of ductless AC installation that you see most often in magazines or on television. Take this short quiz below to find out if a wall-mounted ductless installation is right for you.

Quiz: Should You Get a Wall-Mounted Ductless AC?

Answer yes or no to the questions below.

1. Your ceilings are at least 7 feet high.

A wall-mounted ductless air register works best in rooms where the ceiling is 7 feet high or taller. The unit must be installed on the wall no less than 6 feet above the floor. This allows the air from the register to be distributed more evenly. Vaulted and cathedral ceilings are great candidates for the superior cooling power of a ductless air conditioner.

2. You don’t have any interior rooms that need ductless.

Wall-mounted ductless AC installations are best done on an exterior wall. If the cassettes are mounted on any interior walls, they will need to have longer refrigerant lines from the unit to the outdoor condenser. These lines may also need to pass through an attic or duct. It’s possible to mount an air register on an interior wall, but easier and quicker to have it installed on an exterior wall whenever possible.

3. You don’t mind having your air conditioner in plain sight.

A wall-mounted ductless unit is generally placed about two-thirds up the wall, which is not too far above eye level. Although they are sleek and modern looking, ductless cassettes can easily be seen from anywhere in the room.

4. You are adding onto your home.

Ductless HVAC systems are ideal for home additions because they require no extra ductwork. They can usually be installed on an exterior wall using only a 3-inch entry point to the outdoor condenser. Wall mounts are generally preferred to floor mounts for home additions due to ease of installation and cooling efficiency.

5. You or a family member suffer from allergies.

By switching to ductless air conditioning, you can significantly improve your indoor air quality. Wall-mounted ductless units do a great job of filtering out dust particles, debris, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air. This makes the air you breathe most often healthier for you, which is ideal if you or someone in your family suffer from chronic or seasonal allergies.

6. Your house doesn’t have any ducts.

In Boston, many older homes don’t have ductwork added to them. If you’ve purchased a house without ductwork, you could be paying a hefty price to have it installed along with a central HVAC system. The better option for these homes is an exterior wall-mounted ductless unit, which doesn’t damage the home’s value or integrity.

7. You want to save on your summer electricity bills.

Ductless air conditioning may be an upfront investment, but this is quickly recouped in time with drastically lowered summer cooling bills. Because wall-mounted ductless units are so efficient, this is the ideal setup if your primary reason for switching to ductless is to save money on heating and cooling costs.


If you answered yes to some or all of the questions above, a wall-mounted ductless installation may be perfect for your home’s layout and your comfort goals. It’s also the most common setup, so you can be confident that when you choose a quality HVAC contractor, they will be able to quickly and easily complete your ductless installation.

Did You Answer No?

If you answered no to some or all of the above questions, this could indicate that a floor-mounted ductless installation or perhaps even a ceiling recessed register might work better for your specific needs. It may also indicate that you have a preference for other types of air conditioning systems, which are often more expensive over time as they cause energy bills to soar.

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