Ductless solutions are growing in popularity and homes with updated and efficient cooling and heating solutions are easier to sell and increase the value more than homes with old systems or no systems at all. One of the reasons ductless products have increased in energy efficiency is because of their ability to only heat or cool occupied rooms.  Mini-splits can offer much higher efficiency at a lower price. In addition, adding features like a multizone or wireless control allow homeowners to save energy and entice buyers.

Furthermore, ductless cooling and heating systems are energy efficient and provide a level of comfort and control that makes them a standout amenity for homeowners who are considering reselling.

More people are becoming aware of just how flexible and how much energy savings these systems are. A recent study recently pointed out that homebuyers are more interested in home’s functionality, such as air conditioning and heating systems, than they are about cosmetic features.  According to a recent article on The Wall Street Journal, homes with central air sell for an average of 13 percent more than those without. Compared to mini split-ductless solutions a central air solution does not provide nearly the energy efficiency or climate control that homebuyers are willing to dig deep to secure. This is why the the ductless market is growing double-digits, year after year.

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