There are lots of things to consider when trying to decide between ductless air conditioning and traditional central air conditioning. One of those considerations is ductless lifepan. The lifespan of a system determines when it needs to be replaced. It also determines its total lifetime operating costs.

The average rated lifespan of a traditional central air conditioner is 15-20 years. On the surface, that may seem like a lot. After all, if you invest in a central air conditioning system today, you may not have to replace it until 2036! Ductless lifespan may be better for your pocketbook than a long-lived central air conditioner. Here’s why.

How does the ductless lifespan compare?

Central air conditioners on the market today (2016) are 20%-40% more efficient than central air conditioners sold in 2006. If you purchased a less efficient central air conditioner in 2006 and didn’t intend to replace it until 2026, you could waste a lot of money on inefficient operations for the next 10 years. If that air conditioner – which still has 10 years of “useful life” – were replaced today, you might significantly reduce your operating costs.

But there’s a catch. (There’s always a catch!) You’d lose part of the initial investment you made on the air conditioner in the first place. If you paid $3,000 for the air conditioner in 2006 and intended to replace it in 2026, you’d be throwing out an unrealized investment of $1,500. By switching out the air conditioner in 2016, your savings on operations would have to exceed $1,500 to just to break even. The alternative – paying higher operating costs – is just as unattractive.

Ductless air conditioning offers an exceptional option. Ductless systems are both highly efficient and very economical to install. The rated ductless lifespan is about 15 years. That could be reduced marginally if you live in an area that’s very humid or salty. Thanks to their superior efficiency, ductless air conditioners provide everything you want from a climate control system. They also save money on operations. You can use the money you save on ductless air conditioning to make additional energy-efficiency improvements to your home. Sealing windows and doors, insulating attics and crawl spaces and eliminating ductwork can really improve your home’s comfort and appearance. It can also reduce your cost to heat and cool your space.

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