Ductless systems are some of the most energy-efficient and capable heating and cooling units on the market. But simply installing a ductless system and kicking it on isn’t enough to reap the full rewards of this HVAC alternative. There are certain things Boston homeowners can do to further maximize mini-split advantages. Here are five tips to make sure you get the most out of your ductless HVAC investment.

Clean your filters regularly and replace them when needed.

Just like centralized units, ductless HVAC systems are equipped with filters to trap contaminants from the air before cycling it back into your home. Along with other features such as humidity control and a ductless design, mini-split filters are designed to clean your home’s air. Boston homeowners need to monitor their filters to make sure they don’t end up getting full of dust, dirt, dander, and other debris. Too much junk will restrict airflow, putting more pressure on your system while increasing energy costs. Not to mention the pollutants that will flow back into your home. Generally, you should clean your filters every month and replace them every six months.

Make sure the outdoor unit is clear of debris

All ductless HVAC systems have an outdoor compressor responsible for circulating refrigerant – a key component for transferring heat energy to condition or heat the air. These units require at least two feet of space on every side to work properly. When airflow is restricted, the compressor burns more energy to achieve your desired temperature. You should avoid storing or placing anything near their outdoor compressor to give it plenty of breathing room. Sometimes, debris will find its way around your unit. Whenever you notice a significant build-up make sure to remove the junk before your ductless HVAC system starts losing energy efficiency.

Keep inside doors shut when running multiple units.

Ductless HVAC systems offer zoned heating and cooling capabilities, letting Boston homeowners control the temperature in each room individually. Any place you install an indoor handling unit is programmable to your desired temperature, no matter the setting chosen for other rooms. When you have various zones set at different temperatures, it’s important to trap in the heated or conditioned air by shutting doors in your home. Allowing air to escape from different zones within your home when programmed to various temperatures can lead to decreased energy efficiency and increased energy costs.

Improve your home’s insulation to trap in heat.

Heat has a natural tendency to flow towards cooler areas. When heating your home in winter, the warmer, indoor air wants to escape outdoors. Conversely, hot outdoor air tries to get into your home when the AC is blasting. No matter the time of year, this natural heat movement threatens to throw off your home’s heating and cooling equilibrium, making you and your family uncomfortable while hiking up your utility bills. That’s where insulation comes into play. Whether you use fiberglass, spray foam, mineral wool, or cellulose insulation, these materials act as an energy-efficiency barrier by preventing internal air from escaping and external air from entering. When Boston homeowners optimize their insulation, the hard work of their ductless HVAC systems is secured.

Schedule routine maintenance from a reputable provider

There are many ways a ductless HVAC system can save you money. But, just like the energy efficiency of these units, their money-saving features aren’t automatically optimized. Boston homeowners have to put forth a little effort to maximize the impressive savings that come with this heating and cooling alternative. Perhaps the most important of all is scheduling routine maintenance. A reliable and experienced ductless professional can regularly service your mini-split to make sure it’s operating smoothly while catching minor problems before they snowball into serious issues. It’s advisable to get your ductless HVAC system serviced at least every six months.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of ductless mini-splits or you’re ready to make the switch, the experts at New England Ductless can help! For years, we’ve been helping Boston homeowners just like you make the most of these advanced systems. Simply schedule an appointment to get started.

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