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With so many benefits of ductless HVAC systems — such as energy efficiency and a less invasive installation process — there’s no wondering why so many people are heading down this path.

Here are five of the most common applications of ductless HVAC systems. You may find that one or more of these suit you as a homeowner.

1. Homes with costly electric heat

Even if your home has a functioning HVAC system, it doesn’t mean that it’s efficient. In fact, it could be inefficient to the point of costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.

Electric heat is known to be expensive. So, if you have wall heaters, baseboard heating, or electric radiant heating, it’s time to take notice. Carefully examine the last 12 months of electricity bills for your home to determine if a change is needed.

2. Older homes

There is no shortage of older, beautiful homes in and around the Boston area. But there’s something you need to know: many of these don’t have HVAC ductwork.

If you live in a home without ductwork — or are thinking about buying one — a ductless HVAC system is just what you need. It’s possible to run ductwork throughout your home, but it’s also costly. Not to mention the walls, floors, and ceilings you need to bust into.

3. An addition to your existing home

Are you adding a room to your home? Are you finishing an existing space, such as an attic or basement? During the planning stage, it’s critical to consider how you’ll get cold and warm air to the space.

If you’re unable to rely on your current ductwork to get the job done, a ductless HVAC system is the perfect solution. It’s easy to install and flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any space.

4. Rooms that aren’t used often

Do you have rooms in your home that don’t get used often? Examples include guest bedrooms, a basement, and an attic. Rather than spend money to heat and cool these rooms, a ductless system allows you to shut off all air from reaching them. The end result is more money in your pocket — and that’s always a good thing.

5. New construction

There’s a lot to consider when buying a new home, but many people overlook the importance of choosing the right type of HVAC system. Speak with your builder about your options, including ductless.

Choosing a ductless system before construction begins allows for it to be seamlessly integrated into the overall design. The bigger the home, the more money you’ll spend heating and cooling it. Using a ductless system can help you save.


These are just a handful of common applications of ductless HVAC systems. You may find another way to take advantage.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact us online or via phone at (617) 915-2803. One of our experienced installation professionals can visit your home, answer your questions, and help you decide if ductless HVAC is the right answer.

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