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Whether you are purchasing a home without central air or redesigning your existing home for maximum efficiency, ductless cooling and heating units are a sleek, energy efficient way to heat and cool your home with one system  Like a central A/C system, there are two main components: an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handling unit. Except with a ductless heating and cooling unit, no ducts are required for this system, and the indoor air handling units are much sleeker and more compact than the central air counterparts. The indoor units can be placed strategically with design in mind.

  1. Where do I place my ductless indoor unit?

Split-ductless systems can use up to eight separate indoor air-handling units for each outdoor unit. You can save a lot of money by sending less heat into lesser-used areas of your home. With room by room temperature adjustment features, the placement of your indoor cooling units are crucial. Does your spouse work from home and love a cool, arctic like environment? An indoor unit should be placed in their office. Are you an incredible baker who loves using their oven throughout the summer months? An indoor unit should be placed strategically for cooling optimization in your kitchen. Talking with your New England Ductless Specialist will help you figure out the best spots in the house for installation.

  1. Aesthetics and interior design options

With the popularity of HGTV renovation shows and social platforms like houzz and pinterest, the internet is ablaze with fun, creative furniture and design ideas to create a statement around your ductless indoor unit. See if you can find the indoor unit in this photo of a beautiful Portland living room!

3.Do you qualify for a tax credit or money saving rebate?

Convenience, efficiency and energy savings are worth investing in new home technologies. But energy efficient technology choices can also earn you extra money through local, state or federal energy rebates. There are thousands of such programs in the U.S., but they are often not widely promoted or publicized. A good place to start looking is the DSIRE Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

  1. Picking the best company in your region.

Proper system sizing and installation is absolutely critical to getting the benefits from a ductless system. A ductless system will never work properly if the system is the wrong size, the wall penetration isn’t sealed correctly, or the sensitive electronics are mishandled. Using a trusted name in heating and cooling will save you time and money.

Boston Standard has been a staple in heating and cooling in the Boston & New England area. Based in Milton, Massachusetts, New England Ductless is a local heating and cooling firm committed to high efficiency products and great workmanship. New England Ductless provides residential and commercial projects with specialized installation and increased efficiency. They are market leaders for all things related to Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pumps and handle Fujitsu, Daikin, LG, Trane and other brands to suit each customer’s specific needs. White glove cleaning service with every install is par for the course with a company like New England Ductless.

Professional cleaning team’s are on staff to join you at the conclusion of each install to get every speck of dust or dirt they’ve left behind. From quoting, to installation to our final walkthrough,New England Ductless will give our undivided attention to your project to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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