Mini-splits are a modern alternative to centralized heating and cooling units. Many Boston homeowners have already started reaping the advantages offered by ductless systems. If you’re new to the technology, though, you probably still have some unanswered questions. Perhaps the most important of all is: where would I use a mini-split? Here, we’ll take a look at some of the specific rooms that can benefit greatly from ductless mini-split technology.


When space is getting tight in the house, many homeowners turn to their garage for extra room. Garage conversions are especially common in areas where real estate is expensive or where plots of land are small. Whether you’re flipping the space into a spare bedroom, office, or game room, you’ll need to figure out a way to keep it temperature controlled.

Most garages aren’t connected with a home’s heating and cooling system since these spaces aren’t initially built for frequent use. This makes garage conversions the perfect candidate for a mini-split unit. You won’t have to worry about excessive repair costs to tap into your home’s ductwork. All you need is a handling unit, an outdoor condenser, and you’re ready to go.


Enclosed patios and sunrooms are designed to give homeowners the perfect mix between the indoors and outdoors. Whether you have large windows or openings for air to flow through, it’s not uncommon for outdoor conditions to impact how it feels inside your sunroom.

Instead of having to adjust your home’s overall temperature setting to make your patio more comfortable, a mini-split gives you the ability to control the space separately. This way, you can enjoy your sunroom no matter what the conditions are outside.

Pool Houses

Most pool houses stand separate from the home, making these smaller structures excellent candidates for mini-splits. The distance makes it nearly impossible to connect the space with your home’s main heating and cooling system.

When your pool is getting regular use during the summer, a mini-split is perfectly capable of keeping the pool house cool and comfortable. You can save money on energy costs by switching off your pool house’s indoor unit when that zone isn’t being used during the winter.


If you’re adding onto your home, ductless mini-splits can save you significantly on repair costs. Extending ductwork from your house to the new addition is an expensive and complicated process that involves removing walls, cutting and rerouting ductwork, and securing connections.

You can easily avoid all of this hassle by opting for a mini-split instead. All you’ll need is a single outdoor unit and one or more indoor handlers – depending on the size of your add-on. The installation process is quick and pain-free.

Spare Bedrooms

It’s not hard to hook up a spare bedroom to your home’s central air system, but it might be costing you more on your utility bills than necessary. Since these rooms aren’t in use most of the time, all of the air being pumped back and forth is a waste of money. With a central air unit, there’s no convenient way of cutting off the flow of air.

Installing a mini-split in your spare bedroom can help drastically reduce your energy costs through a process known as zoning. You can easily switch on and off the unit depending on whether the room is in use or not. Plus, it gives your guest complete control over the temperature of the space just in case it doesn’t match your family’s preferences.


Over the past year, the number of people working from home has skyrocketed. And it seems like the trend is going to continue. Whether you’re converting a room into an office or you already had space set aside in your Boston home, you might want to consider installing a ductless mini-split.

If you’re spending the entire workday in one room, you’ll want to remain as comfortable as possible. Even if the office space is connected with your home’s thermostat, there’s a good chance your temperature preferences will fluctuate throughout the day. With a dedicated mini-split unit in your office, you can easily adjust to your comfort level with the click of a button.

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