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If you’re looking for cost-effective alternatives to replacing your heating and/or cooling systems, a Mitsubishi ductless system might be right for you. A ductless system can provide zoned “spot” heating and cooling for areas of your home or business that your current heating and cooling equipment can’t quite reach.

Why you should consider a ductless system

A ductless system is attractive for a number of reasons, the first being that they’re easy to install. Whether you’ve thought about it or not, your heating and cooling systems take up a lot of real estate inside your home or business. Aside from the furnace or boiler itself, there may be hundreds of feet of pipe, ductwork and cold air returns buried in the walls, and snaking through the floors of your space. With a ducted system, at least your ducts can be retrofitted to pull double-duty for a central air conditioning unit. With hydronic heat, you’re stuck adding a second system for cooling your space!

And there’s always that one room that’s too cold or too hot, no matter where you set the thermostat. Maybe it’s the attic you remodeled into a bedroom, or the space you added onto your house. The space just doesn’t feel like it’s really a part of the house because the temperature changes noticeably when you walk into it! Baseboard heat might provide a little extra comfort in the winter and window air conditioners might cool it off in the summer, but the room temperature is never right! And every month, you’re reminded of just how expensive supplemental electric heat and cooling can be!

Maybe your home or business is in a historic building, and there are limits to what you can do. High-efficiency systems may require additional ventilation equipment that you just can’t accommodate. Or maybe heating isn’t the problem, but your building just isn’t as attractive to tenants because it isn’t air-conditioned.

That’s where heating and cooling with a ductless system can help! A ductless system offers a low-cost, space-saving alternative to reducting your house. Why settle for extending your existing hydronic or central heating system to deliver central heat in the winter, when you can provide comfortable heating AND cooling to your home year round with a single ductless system? Better still, ductless systems offer a SEER rating of up to 33 – 10 SEER higher than comparable central air conditioning units, and they can improve the comfort and value of your space! What’s not to like about that?

If you would like more information about a ductless system for your home or business, please contact us at New England Ductless at (617) 915-2803. We’ll be happy to show you how you can improve the comfort and value of your space without spending a fortune!

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