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Switching your home to wall-mounted ACs from a traditional system is a great way to modernize your space and get better control over your comfort. Ductless systems offer an energy-efficient solution to your heating and cooling needs and provide you with the control you need to ensure your home is perfectly comfortable all year long. Learn about the costs to switch to wall-mounted ACs below, and contact a comfort specialist today to get a personalized quote.

Why Should I Switch to Wall-Mounted ACs?

There are plenty of reasons to switch to wall-mounted ACs. They are energy-efficient, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and provide you with perfectly heated and cooled air in one. Below are some of the best reasons to switch from a traditional system to wall-mounted ACs.

Reliable Control Over Every Room

Ductless wall-mounted ACs give you pin-point control over all of the rooms in your home so that you can ensure each space is exactly the temperature you need it to be. Each ductless AC operates separately from the others, so you can set the temperature in the kitchen to be cooler than the bedroom if you like. Whatever your preference, ductless wall ACs give you more reliable control over each room in your home.

No Need for Extensive Renovations

Another reason that many homeowners opt for a ductless air conditioning system is that it does not require extensive renovations to install. If you are living in a historic home and using window ACs to cool your home, ductless air conditioning is an excellent way to avoid modifying the home’s interior by adding ductwork.


Ductless ACs are also very energy efficient, so they are an excellent option to help you save on energy bills throughout the year. Opting for a ductless air conditioning system with a heat pump and heating capabilities can save even more throughout the year. Ductless heating and cooling units are perfect for both supplemental heating and as the primary heat system in a home.

Better Air Quality

Because ductless air conditioning units also filter the air, your home’s air quality will improve with each unit installed. Many ductless systems are equipped with air purification filters to help give your home clean, healthy, perfectly heated, or cooled air to keep you comfortable all year long.

Easy to Maintain

Keeping up with the maintenance of a ductless AC is easy because it requires very little. Ductless systems don’t have ductwork that can get dirty and need to be cleaned out, so keeping up with your new ductless AC is easy. You’ll need to clean the filters regularly, and schedule routine maintenance with your comfort specialist, but that’s really it.

Adds Value to Your Home

A ductless system for heating or cooling a home can be the only system used for the home or act as a supplemental option. In either case, you’ll increase the value of your home. Not only will adding ductless heating and cooling throughout your home improve the overall quality of living and the comfort for you and your family if you ever decide to move, but you’ll also have added value to your home.

How do Ductless Mini-Splits Save Money?

One of the ways that ductless mini splits help you to save money on your energy bills is by heating or cooling your home very efficiently. Ductless air conditioning is one of the most efficient methods for keeping a home comfortable on the market today. Each unit only takes about the same energy as a lightbulb to operate and provides perfectly comfortable, clean air to any room in your home.

A ductless system also saves you money by reducing the wasted energy that is common in a traditional system. Ductwork is notorious for losing energy when transferring the treated air from the air handler to the vents. However, a ductless system works without ducts, so the loss of energy is significantly less.

Another way these innovative systems offer savings is by allowing you to turn off the heating or cooling in rooms that are not being used. Traditional systems can only do this by closing vents, preventing some wasted energy, but not all of it. A ductless system wastes no energy heating or cooling an empty room because the unit can be turned off completely without affecting the rest of the system.

What are the Costs of Switching to Ductless Wall-Mounted ACs?

It can vary greatly depending on your needs. Most ductless systems are somewhere around $6,000 – $12,000, but some installations can cost $40,000. It all depends on the type and number of units installed.

However, there are many ways to make this cost more affordable, using rebates, tax incentives, and energy credits for upgrading to a more energy-efficient system. Some income-based qualifications can even make these installations almost free! Your comfort specialist will work with your to discuss all of your financing options and explore the ways we can make your new ductless system more affordable.

Additionally, your specialist will provide referrals to get the old AC system removed from your home, so you can have any holes or damage from the old system repaired.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Upgrading your home from a traditional air conditioning system is a big step, but it might be the right move if you’re looking for more control, lower energy bills, and better air quality in your home. There are a lot of reasons to consider switching to ductless mini-splits. Call today to get a quote for your new ductless system. We’ll help you find the best financing options to make your upgrade affordable and get you the comfort you deserve.

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