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Things To Know About Ductless HVAC As A Pet Owner

As a pet owner, the health and comfort of your pet are important. Many people don’t consider when it comes to their pet is home heating and cooling. Central HVAC systems and window ACs can be harmful to pets, and they can also be expensive for owners.

Ductless systems offer an energy-saving, healthier alternative to other forms of home heating and air conditioning, but there are a few things to be aware of as a pet owner. Here’s what you should know and how New England Ductless can help you explore the benefits of a heat pump for your whole family.

Why Ductless For Pet Owners?

One of the biggest benefits of ductless HVAC for pet owners is the ability to independently control the temperature in different parts of your home. This means you can keep your pet’s area at a comfortable temperature separate from your own, without wasting energy by heating or cooling other areas that aren’t being used. If you have multiple pets with different temperature preferences, you can use a ductless system to keep them all at their own desired comfort levels.

Ductless HVAC systems also improve indoor air quality for pet owners. Because there’s no ductwork, there are no places for dust, pollen, and other allergens to collect and circulate throughout the home. Sophisticated built-in air filters help remove even more pollutants from the air, which can be a huge relief for pet owners who suffer from allergies or asthma. Furthermore, you reduce the risk of carbon monoxide exposure, which is just as important for animals as it is humans.

Another benefit that ductless systems offer pet owners is a great way to maintain the humidity levels in their homes, which can fluctuate significantly when animals are bathed or come in outside after it’s been raining. With the right settings, you can keep your pet’s environment comfortable and dry, which can help reduce odors and prevent mold and mildew from forming.

When it comes to heating, you don’t have to worry about pets getting burned or catching their tails on fire after getting too close to a radiator or a wood stove. If you’re worried about smaller pets jumping up onto a wall-mounted ductless unit, you can opt for floor-mounted or recessed ceiling units. These provide the same heating and cooling without sticking out from the wall or providing a place for a pet to nest.

Things To Keep In Mind

While ductless HVAC systems are undoubtedly superior to other types of heating and cooling for pet owners, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Be Wary Of Pet Hair Clogs

Pet hair can easily clog HVAC filters, regardless of whether you have a ductless or ducted system. Not only is it important to keep your pet’s shedding hair under control for their benefit, it also reduces the amount of hair that ends up in your filters. While ductless systems can still get pet hair clogs, it’s important to note that these filters are much easier to clean and don’t need to be replaced nearly as frequently as central HVAC or other system filters.

Put Outdoor Condensers Away From Potty Areas

Pets can be disturbed by loud outdoor condensers, especially when systems are running at full capacity in the summer or winter. Make sure your condenser is away from potty areas, or that you take your pet potty somewhere other than where your condenser is mounted.

Ideally, the condenser should be elevated off the ground on a concrete pad or bricks to keep moisture – including pet urine – from damaging the underside of the equipment. Keep in mind that ductless HVAC systems are much quieter than central systems or window air conditioners, making them less likely to spook your pet when pottying outdoors.

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If you’re a pet owner and are interested in the benefits of ductless heating and cooling for both you and your pet, the team at New England Ductless can help. We’ll come out to your home to assess the size and layout of your house and what type of ductless system you would need. We’ll calculate your cost savings and any rebates or tax credits that may be available, and let you know what you can get out of switching to ductless.

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