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Ductless heating and cooling systems have really emerged as the go-to solution for residential and commercial spaces. They’re easy to operate and very flexible in terms of installation. They’re designed to provide spot heating and cooling, and they’re highly efficient compared to other alternatives. But what about ductless system maintenance?

Perform ductless system maintenance twice yearly

Ductless systems eliminate the most inefficient parts of heating and cooling – the ducts! Unfortunately, they don’t eliminate the maintenance. Maintaining your ductless system is very important. Regular ductless system maintenance helps ensure that your system operates efficiently year-round and keeps your operating costs low. It can also help you spot and correct potential problems before they affect the performance of your ductless system.

What’s involved in ductless system maintenance? Thorough ductless system maintenance should be performed twice annually. Maintenance is best performed by trained personnel, but consumers can do certain maintenance steps, like checking and replacing system filters regularly. We recommend monthly filter inspection. Systems with disposable filters can be replaced as needed. Permanent filters can be cleaned monthly with water and vacuumed to remove dust inside the unit. Keeping the filters clean is necessary to maintain high efficiency.

Professional maintenance will allow the unit to be “deep cleaned.” This includes professional cleaning and inspection of the evaporator coils and condensate lines. Professional maintenance will also allow the application of fungistat and bacteriostat agents inside the unit to discourage the growth of potentially harmful biological agents.

No ductless system maintenance routine would be complete without an inspection of the outdoor condensing unit. The condenser is the workhorse of a ductless system, so it only makes good sense to have this component checked regularly. Professional maintenance will remove any accumulated organic debris in and around the cabinet, verify that all mechanical parts are in good working order, verify the condition of the refrigeration lines and wrapping, clean the coils and ensure that the unit hasn’t suffered any damage or deterioration that could cause it to stop working.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for regular maintenance, please give us a call at New England Ductless at (617) 915-2803.

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