Upgrade now to save up to 21%* on a new ductless heating system

New England Ductless is proud to announce we have been named the official air-source heat pump (mini-split) installer for the Solarize Mass Plus initiative’s Solarize North Shore 2019 program.

This exciting partnership means homeowners and small businesses can adapt greener technologies that maximize efficiency while reducing heating costs. New England Ductless has been selected by Solarize North Shore as the official ductless heat pump installation company for the City of Salem and the towns of Swampscott and Nahant.

Solarize North Shore is sponsored by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the state Department of Energy Resources. The program is designed to simplify choices for homeowners and small businesses when it comes to selecting renewable energy equipment.

If you are thinking of replacing your heating and cooling system with a ductless mini-split unit, choosing New England Ductless can save you up to 21%* on a new ductless heating system while reducing heating costs by as much as 60%! This is the perfect time to consider upgrading to an air-source heat pump to reduce both carbon emissions and heating costs. The price of fossil fuels is only expected to increase and become scarcer, which is why so many North Shore residents are investing in cleaner energy.

This is the fourth time New England Ductless has been selected from a qualified pool of applicants as the official partner for a state-sponsored initiative that makes green technology more available and more affordable for homeowners. This is a testament to New England Ductless’ commitment to providing competitive pricing and excellent workmanship to residents and business owners all over Massachusetts.

Why choose a ductless heat pump?

Ductless HVAC units, which are also known as mini-split units operate very efficiently without the use of ductwork. Made using an indoor evaporator and outdoor condenser, these systems are:

In fact, one outdoor unit can provide heating and cooling for as many as eight indoor units, making ductless systems a perfect option for homes and small businesses alike.

While traditional systems burn fossil fuels to create heat, an air-source heat pump works by moving heat into or out of the home. Though they require electricity to operate, efficient heat pumps like the ones used by New England Ductless use 40% to 70% less electricity than traditional heating units. Read more about the benefits of an air-source heat pump.

Contact New England Ductless to upgrade your heating system and save

If you live in the City of Salem or the towns of Swampscott and Nahant, get in touch with New England Ductless find out how you can save big on home heating costs through our partnership with Solarize North Shore. Learn more about this program and request a free quote here.

*based on recent Solarize Mass Program results in other Massachusetts communities.

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