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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about half of your home’s annual electricity consumption is related to heating and cooling. For the average American home, that’s about $1,000 per year. Like many other homeowners, I was looking for ways to cut my energy consumption because I like to save money (just like everyone else!) and my family and I would like to reduce our impact on the environment. So, I went with ductless heating and cooling.

Ductless heating and cooling saves money!

With heating and cooling at the top of the list of residential electricity consumers, I thought that would be the perfect place to look for savings. And just like everyone else, I don’t want to sacrifice comfort. Ductless heating and cooling systems are cost effective and can save money year-round. In my view, they’re better than central heating and air conditioning systems because they allow me to choose which rooms to heat and cool. They also give me control over other variables in my home – like humidity – that affect comfort.

Ductless systems are effective heaters – even in places that get cold, like Boston – and provide zone cooling in the summer. Ductless compressors can control as many as 8 evaporator units at a time, and without ductwork loss, they’re highly efficient. A ductless heating and cooling system uses 30%-40% less energy than a central heating or air conditioning unit. In fact, aside from a geothermal heat pump, a ductless system is the most efficient system you can buy today!
Ductless heating and cooling systems also offer built-in pollen and allergen filtration. With no ductwork to collect dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses and irritants, the air in my home actually stays cleaner and fresher year-round.

By this point, you may think that having so many indoor units would generate a lot of noise, making it tough to sleep, study or hear the television. If so, you’ll be surprised to learn that ductless heating and cooling systems are measurably quieter than conventional furnaces and air conditioners. In fact, they’re literally “whisper quiet!” They generate about the same volume of sound as a human whisper. If it weren’t for the comfortable air they generate, I wouldn’t even know the units are on.

Worried about how the evaporators will look with your décor? Afraid they might look like a clunky add-on? Not so! Indoor units come in a variety of colors and profiles, and can blend in to a room expertly. They also offer remote control, which gives you greater installation flexibility. Unlike ducted systems that require both a “clear” register and a return, a ductless heating and cooling system can be wall mounted. With a ductless system, you’re free to put your furniture anywhere in the room!

My ductless heating and cooling system has helped me reduce my operating costs and energy consumption. It’s also improved the comfort and air quality of my home, and it isn’t noisy like a central heating and cooling system.

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