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Is your Boston home so hot that you find yourself constantly leaving in search of a cooler environment? Do you have high hopes of enjoying your summer in a cool home? Are you unsure of how to make this happen?

While a hot house is frustrating and uncomfortable, there’s good news: there are many types of air conditioning systems that can bring you the relief you’re seeking.

Central AC is the most common, but there’s a problem with this: unless you have ductwork in place, it’s costly and messy to add it to an existing home.

Fortunately, there are two other options available to you: ductless AC and window units.

While both of these are easier to install than central air, don’t make a final decision until you compare the pros and cons of each setup.

As you compare these options, here are some of the reasons why you may decide in favor of a ductless system:

Quiet Operation

Even the most modern window units are noisier than ductless AC. While you’ll get the cool air you’re seeking, the tradeoff is noise that can interrupt you, such as when having a conversation or watching television.

Ductless AC systems are designed to be ultra-quiet, both inside and out.

Cool Your Entire Home

The biggest drawback of a window AC unit is that it can only cool a small portion of your home, such as a single bedroom. So, as soon as you enter another room in your home, you’re hit with a heat wave.

With ductless AC, you can add multiple indoor units. This allows you to efficiently cool your entire home, making every last square foot comfortable during the hot summer months.

They Don’t Block Natural Light

When you install a window unit, it blocks natural light from entering your home. This isn’t a huge deal if you have multiple windows in a room, but that’s not always the case.

They Aren’t an Eyesore

From both the inside and out, window AC units are an eyesore. Who wants to see a box hanging out of a window? It can drag down the curb appeal of your home, as well as the interior design.

A ductless AC system consists of an outdoor unit and several indoor units. The outdoor unit can be hidden, such as behind your home or even on its roof.

As for the indoor units, you can mount these almost anywhere you want.

Overall, ductless AC has many advantages over window units. From the quiet operation to the ability to cool your entire home, there’s a lot to like.

If you’re interested in learning more about ductless AC and how it would fit into your home, contact us to schedule a consultation.

We can visit your home, explain your options, and help you understand how a ductless AC system would be setup in your space.

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