According to a recent Energy Star report, up to half of all the energy used in an average home goes to heating and cooling. For that reason, choosing an energy efficient heating system can result in significantly lower utility bills and a reduction on your family’s impact on the environment. While it is true that baseboard heaters are a reliable and often time cost-effective supplement to central air, ductless heat pumps provide a much better solution without the need for any invasive ductwork. When it comes to Baseboard Heaters, they are mostly electric. Those systems are controlled by thermostats located in each room setting temperatures for the electric heating elements that are contained inside the metal pipes. In order to work properly, Baseboard Heaters require an installation that can only be placed by windows and must fit perfectly to avoid losing heat between the unit and the wall. The reason for that location is so the rising warm air will counteract cool air falling from the window, and due to dust accumulation, after periods of non use Baseboard Heaters release a burning smell. For sensitive users it’s important to know that Baseboard Heaters systems produce very dry heat that can lead to itchy eyes, raw throats, and bloody noses.

Baseboard Heaters, are usually pretty noisy and temperature control under this systems can become poor and inconsistent. In addition, Baseboard Heaters require extra insulation and line voltage thermostats.

If you must use electricity for heating, the U.S. DOE recommends heat pumps as the most efficient means of heating in a mild climate zone, such as California. Heat pumps cut electricity use by 30 to 40 percent compared to electric baseboard heaters, reports the DOE.

1. Ductless Heat Pumps provide all of the benefits of baseboard heaters and much more

2. Ductless Heat Pumps don’t require ductwork and also come with individual thermostats in each room. There are three types of heat pumps: air-to-air, water source, and geothermal. They collect heat from the air, water, or ground outside your home and concentrate it for indoor usage.

3. Regarding installation, Ductless Heat Pumps don’t require proximity to a window in order to operate. Also, Ductless Heat Pumps provide precision temperature control. When it comes to electricity consumption, Ductless Heat Pumps are more efficient and they provide up to three times more heat than the energy they use. Compared to baseboard heaters.  today’s heat pump can reduce your electricity use for heating by approximately 50%.

4. With heat pumps users can relax and enjoy clean breathable heat without having to worry about dry irritation, itchy eyes, raw throats, or bloody noses.

5. Finally, ductless heat pumps are quiet and they don’t produce smells.

When thinking about design and how your home looks, Ductless Heat Pumps are small and sleek and they blend in without creating distractions from your home decor.

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