There are typically four different types of mounts available for your indoor ductless cassettes or air handlers: Wall mounts, ceiling cassettes, concealed ducts, and floor-mounted units. Let’s take a look at floor-mounted ductless HVAC units, their benefits, and how New England Ductless can help with your installation or repair.

Floor-Mounted Ductless Units: What Are They?

A floor-mounted indoor air handler is fastened to the wall around 6 inches above the flooring. They’re roughly the size and shape of an old traditional radiator, but unlike a radiator, a ductless HVAC system can serve as both a heater and air conditioner.

The floor-mounted unit will be connected to refrigerant lines that run through your walls and to an outdoor condenser. Your outdoor unit will either draw in or push out warm air outside, depending on the season and the temperature your thermostats are set.

Depending on the brand and model of outdoor condenser, you can have a handful of floor-mounted cassettes connected to just one outdoor unit. Floor-mounted units are more conspicuous than concealed duct air handlers, while they may be less visible than traditional wall-mounted ductless units.

All ductless HVAC systems work in roughly the same way. One outdoor condenser unit is placed outside your home and connected to one or more indoor air handlers inside.  Despite the fact that in most cases, all the indoor cassettes are connected to the same outdoor condenser, they still provide heating and cooling independently of one another, something called zoning.

This makes it possible to have your kitchen and living room set at different temperatures and those set at a temperature different from what your bedroom is set at. Regardless of which type of indoor cassette you have, your system essentially functions as described above.

Why Consider Floor-Mounted Units vs. Other Types of Ductless HVAC

By choosing a floor-mounted ductless mini-split, you’ll enjoy some extra benefits due to the setup and location of your new heating and air conditioning system. This is over and beyond the benefits you’re already getting from switching to ductless HVAC, like better indoor air quality and less expensive electric bills.

With a floor-mounted ductless register, you’ll feel the warm or cool air faster than you would if you had ceiling or wall ceiling-mounted units. Because your small split is installed on the floor, the output is considerably closer to the occupants in the room, resulting in faster cooling.

When compared to ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted ductless HVAC installations, floor-mounted equipment can be much easier to maintain, clean, and provide service to. You won’t have to use a ladder to obtain access to the unit if you need to clean or replace your air filters.

HVAC contractors will not need to use ladders during the installation of the floor units, and deep cleaning the unit tends to be much easier too than if it is located along the wall or recessed in the ceiling. Day-to-day cleaning of the unit can be done with a duster or vacuum attachment and can easily be wiped down.

Where to Put a Floor-Mounted Indoor Unit

The planned position of each floor-mounted ductless HVAC unit in your home is another important consideration before finalizing your system installation. Determine where you will have each unit, including in which rooms and in what part of the room by assessing where the units can practically go and how much reach each indoor air handler has. Consider objects that will be too near your floor-mounted ductless units that can’t be moved out of the way.

To adequately ensure that good airflow is spread uniformly throughout your home or office, we propose putting a floor-mounted mini split in a central area in each room, including bedrooms, living areas, the kitchen, hallways, and the garage if you would also like it climate controlled.

An HVAC specialist can help you determine how many floor-mounted indoor units you’ll need based on the square footage and layout of your home, the equipment you choose, your budget, and other complex calculations.

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