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How does a ductless cooling system stack up against a central air conditioner? Can you use a ductless cooling system for your whole house? Ductless cooling systems are designed to provide zone cooling, and one outdoor unit can support as many as eight indoor evaporator units. You can certainly use a ductless system to heat or cool your entire house or business.

Ductless Cooling Systems Are Highly Efficient

Ductless cooling systems offer a SEER rating as high as 33, which is about 10 SEER higher than the highest efficiency central air systems. In fact, ductless cooling systems are the second most efficient heating and cooling solution available, behind only geothermal heat pumps!

Saving money is always nice, but the value of a ductless cooling system goes beyond saving money. Some spaces simply can’t use central air conditioning because they have no ductwork. For these homes, the solution has been expensive, inefficient window air conditioners, fans that move hot air from one place to another or nothing at all. With a ductless cooling system, you can add cost-effective, efficient air conditioning to your space with minimal construction.

Another advantage is that ductless cooling systems are designed to provide cooling AND heating. If you have an area of a home or business that doesn’t get a lot of attention from your central heating or cooling unit, think ductless. This might be an addition, a previously unfinished space (like a basement, attic or garage), or the space at the end of a duct run that just never seems to heat up or cool down like the rest of the building.

Ductless cooling systems can provide efficient spot heating and cooling, and work in a variety of environments. Like central air conditioners, they use electricity, but they’re more efficient than either central air or window air conditioners. They’re also much quieter, and avoid common efficiency killers like duct losses and air leaks.

Unlike window air conditioners, ductless evaporator units come in a variety of attractive designs, and can blend into your décor. The installation is also relatively easy and doesn’t require major remodeling – a major plus when ductwork isn’t on the menu! The outdoor unit is compact and quiet, and requires only limited maintenance and upkeep. Like the outdoor unit of a central air conditioner, ductless condenser units must be kept free of leaves, weeds and other organic debris to ensure proper operation. If the unit also functions as a heat source in the winter, you may need to clear snow and ice away from it.

A ductless cooling system is a great solution for spaces that don’t have ductwork, can’t accommodate new ductwork, or are add-ons to the original space. Better still, a ductless system can also serve as a home’s highly efficient primary heating and cooling system. For more information about mini-split systems, please contact us at New England Ductless at (617) 915-2803

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