Nothing beats a warm summer day, but let’s face it – sometimes the heat can get out of hand! In Boston, with its high humidity, even a small rise in temperature can make your home or office downright uncomfortable. Cooling your space can be expensive, especially when the mercury gets stuck on high. If you’re looking for ways to cut your summer cooling bills, here are a few suggestions.

Taming your cooling bills

Whether you’re trying to save money in January or July, energy efficiency is all about strategy. With a little planning, you can minimize the impact of warm weather on your cooling bills.

Mind the humidity. Perhaps even more than temperature, humidity is a big factor in comfort. Wetter-than-normal air retains heat better than drier air does. It also makes it more difficult for your body to cool itself through sweating. One key to reducing discomfort (and your cooling bills) is to reduce humidity in the air. You can get an inexpensive hygrometer to measure the humidity in your space. Try to keep the humidity as close to 50% as possible. A dehumidifier can help you manage the humidity in your space, but it will also add heat. Ductless cooling can also manage humidity, more quietly and more efficiently without the added heat gain.

Mind the light. Sunlight is “full-spectrum” which means that in addition to visible light, sunlight also contains infrared and UV radiation – the culprits in heat generation. By reducing direct sunlight exposure, you limit the amount of UV radiation that heats up the objects in your space. Objects in your space – the walls, floors, furniture and other contents – re-radiate the UV radiation they pick up. Your space becomes like an “echo chamber” for heat. Using shades, drapes, blinds or exterior awnings can help reduce the amount of UV light that penetrates your space. That will keep your space cooler and reduce the need for additional cooling.

Be an early bird. Early morning air is usually very cool, and you can use it to reduce the temperature in your space. Keep a close eye on the thermometer because early morning temperatures rise fast! Morning air is also very humid, so adding super-saturated air may not work out in the long run.

If you’d like more information about ductless cooling, and how it can reduce your summer cooling bills, please contact us at New England Ductless at (617) 915-2803. We can show you how ductless cooling can raise your comfort while lowering your cooling bills.

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