Boston is known for many things, including its many home styles. From contemporary to colonial to cape style (and that’s just the start), there’s something in Beantown for everyone.

Renovating an old home in Boston can be one of the most exciting projects you ever take on. However, your good time can soon turn sour when you run into a problem with the HVAC system.

Here’s the one thing you never want to forget: it doesn’t make sense to cut corners in regards to your home’s HVAC system, as it’ll only come back to cost you more time and money in the future.

While a traditional HVAC system, complete with ductwork, may work for some homes, it’s not typically the best solution for an older property. Instead, you’ll want to learn more about a ductless heating system.

The primary benefit of a ductless heating system is the ability to heat every room of your home, without fail. Furthermore, if the time comes in the future to expand or renovate again, your system is flexible enough to suit your needs.

Here are some additional benefits of a ductless heating system as it relates to the renovation of an old home:

Adaptable to Unique Layouts

If you know one thing about old Boston homes, it’s this: they often have a unique layout, such as a third floor attic conversion (which is perfect for a second family room or home office).

The problem with a unique layout is that it’s often difficult to heat. So, if you don’t take the right approach, the space may be unusable during colder months.

The installation of a ductless heating system provides the opportunity to bring heat to any room in your home, regardless of size and location.

Cost Savings

One of the primary drawbacks of owning an old home is the cost to keep to cool and heat it. With poor insulation and original windows, it’s not out of the question to spend thousands heating your home during the winter months.

A ductless heating system is more energy efficient than a traditional setup, which saves you money over the long run.

For example, the average house with a traditional HVAC system loses approximately 25 percent of its energy to ductwork.[i] With a ductless heating system, this doesn’t come into play.

Heat enters each space directly via an individual unit. Furthermore, the use of an inverter-driven compressor allows the unit to slow down and speed up to provide optimal performance.

Fast and Simple to Install

There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do when renovating a home. But if you’re so caught up in an HVAC mess, you may miss out on something you would have really enjoyed.

A ducted system can take several weeks or longer to install.[ii] This slows down everything else, all while the costs mount.

It’s faster and easier to install a ductless heating system, with the possibility of it being functional after one day of work.

If you’re preparing to renovate an old home in Boston, don’t wait to contact us to learn more about ductless heating systems. It may be the perfect addition to your property.

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