When Boston homeowners choose an HVAC system, they’re usually thinking about it in light of their home’s heating and cooling needs. But that’s not the only factor worth considering. If you’ve been struggling to get a good night’s rest, your HVAC system might be to blame.

That’s right! HVAC systems can greatly affect the amount of shut-eye you get each night. Here, we’re going to explore various ways these units can impact the quality of your sleep and why a ductless mini-split is the best HVAC system for uninterrupted nights.

Uncomfortable temperatures.

Everyone has a different temperature preference when hitting the hay. Some people prefer cooler air while others err on the warmer side. Centralized HVAC systems limit Boston homeowners to a single temperature throughout the home which leads to a lot of disagreement and discomfort. In the end, only one person is going to get their preferred sleeping temperature.

Alternatively, ductless systems don’t suffer this shortcoming because of their zoned heating and cooling capabilities. Mini-splits give Boston homeowners temperature control in every room, allowing each member of the household to set their room to the desired temperature. This way, everyone can head to sleep at their preferred temperature without disturbing others.

Extreme humidity levels.

The air within your home always maintains a certain moisture level depending on a range of factors. Central HVAC systems without any humidity control can end up leaving your home with extreme and uncomfortable humidity levels causing irritating dryness or uncomfortable wetness. Neither ends of the humidity spectrum make for a comfortable night’s rest.

A ductless system is the perfect HVAC alternative for homeowners looking to control their home’s humidity with greater precision. With the advantage of zoning capabilities, you can focus on reducing the moisture-level in rooms that are more prone to humidity than others without running up your energy costs. Say goodbye to tossing and turning and hello to a comfortable night’s sleep!

Inconsistent temperatures.

Another way your HVAC system can impact your quality of sleep is with regular temperature fluctuations. If your system is suffering from undiagnosed inefficiencies, it might be resulting in inconsistent temperatures. Leaps of a few degrees here and there might not sound too extreme but even small variations can negatively impact your sleep.

Central systems can produce these temperature swings due to damaged thermostats, leaky ductwork, or age-related issues. Ductless systems, on the other hand, control the temperature within your home more effectively as each indoor handling unit has a single zone to control. More consistent temperatures make for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Poor air filtration.

One of the most important roles of an HVAC system is to clean your home’s air. As air passes through, these units filter out potentially harmful contaminants such as dust, dirt, dander, pollen, and allergens. In addition to threatening the health of you and your family, poor indoor air quality can also lead to poor sleep, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

Traditional, centralized HVAC systems have a harder time successfully catching the pollutants in your home because all of the air is pushed through a single filter. Conversely, ductless HVAC systems break up this responsibility among various indoor handling units to greatly improve your home’s indoor air quality. This leads to better health and better sleep.

Loud noises.

Noisy HVAC systems are your worst enemy if you’re a light sleeper. Even if you can sleep through these loud sounds, you still might have trouble falling asleep in the first place. From whooshes and rumbles to thuds and squeals, traditional HVAC systems can produce a lot of noise, especially as they reach the end of their lifespan.

A surefire way for Boston homeowners to reduce the noise-levels produced by their heating and cooling units is to go with a ductless system. Not only will you eliminate all of the loud noises coming from ductwork, but you’ll also benefit from the whisper-quite operation for which these machines are well-known.

Ready to make the switch to a ductless HVAC system? Feel free to contact the experts at New England Ductless to schedule an appointment. We’ve been helping Boston homeowners make the most of ductless technology for years, and we’d be honored to assist you in all of your ductless HVAC needs.

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