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There’s no doubt about it – online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy things. It seems like you can buy just about anything online. In fact, some folks are buying ductless equipment online – but should you?

Online pricing might be tempting. It seems like you could save a lot of money, but what are the pitfalls of buying ductless equipment online?

Buying ductless equipment online: What could go wrong?

Buying ductless equipment online may seem to save you money, but as a consumer, you should look before you leap! Sometimes, buying ductless heating and cooling equipment online can void your warranty. It’s true! Most ductless manufacturers will only warranty their equipment when a certified installer sells it. Buying the equipment might get you the goods at a lower price, but it may also mean you’ll get stuck with the bill for shipping or installation damages.

In addition, using an uncertified local installer might also void your warranty. If your installer isn’t manufacturer-certified to install your product, your “savings” might come at the cost of warranty service.

Consumers should also be aware that some sellers use the online market as a dumping ground for non-US market units. Online sellers may or may not know that there are differences between units, based on their intended market. You may end up buying a unit that you cannot legally install in the US. Worse, you may not be able to find parts or a qualified service professional for your unit.

Aside from not getting the correct equipment for the US market, or potentially voiding your warranty, you’ll still need to spend money to ship and install your product. When you make an online purchase, you focus only on the price of the equipment. In reality, you’ll also pay a significant amount for shipping, and you’ll pay again for the installation. After all the bills arrive, your savings may not be nearly as dramatic as you might have hoped. You may also be fully responsible for repairs that would otherwise be covered by the warranty.

Buying ductless equipment online isn’t the best plan

The best strategy for buying a ductless heating and cooling unit is to work with a licensed local dealer. Manufacturers certify local dealers to install, maintain and repair the units they sell. When you work with a local certified installer, you’re guaranteed to have the benefit of a full warranty on the product you purchase. You’re also certain to have your equipment installed by a trained, responsive local business.

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