Though summer time seems a long way away, now is the time to look ahead and plan for the heat that’s to come. Older houses, or those without an installed forced air heating/cooling system, often have a reputation for becoming ovens in the summer. And while noisy window-mounted air conditioners can provide some relief from the heat, they are just as apt to spoil a charming exterior.

There is another solution, a quieter and environmentally friendly solution. A solution that will allow you to strategically cool those areas of your house that need it most, a mini-split or ductless air conditioning system.

Upgrade without sacrificing character

There are a couple of challenges when working in older homes. One is maintaining the character of the home while still providing the desired level of comfort all year round. The second is upgrading the house without having to tear the ceilings and walls apart.

Mini-splits are much smaller and don’t require walls to be torn apart, or the expense of running ductwork everywhere. Ductless air conditioning systems use individual cooling units placed room by room, which require only a thin refrigerant and power line connecting them to an outdoor air-conditioning compressor and fan.

Another awesome advantage of mini-splits is you can control which room is cooled at which time of day, giving you ultimate control over your home environment. This will also save you money in the long run compared to a window air conditioner or central ducted system.

One size does not fit all

The clear advantages of a ductless air conditioning HVAC systems are attracting more and more homeowners every day who are looking for a way to bring air conditioned comfort to their older home.  
Once you’ve decided that a mini-split system is the way to go, then the next step is to talk to a professional installer to help you choose the size that’s best for your particular needs. A system that’s too small will have to work harder to cool the desired area costing you more money. A system that’s too large will use unnecessary energy to do the job, also costing you money. Choosing the right size is the key to cool your house and lower energy costs.

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